Free Search Engine Optimization Tools for the
Small Business Website Do-It-Yourselfer

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Free search engine optimization tools? I've scoured the Web to find the best free SEO tools. The following free tools are for search engine optimization of any website. Use these free tools to build your small business website presence at no cost!

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Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Multi-Functional Tools:

These are multi-functional tools will examine a number of SEO metrics and report back to you with information on things like your site's pagerank, backlinks, and social marketing site bookmarks:

Firefox Browser Tools:

Firefox is the browser of choice for most SEO professionals. Besides its great speed and better security, there are a slew of great tools available as plug-ins for search engine optimization and general fun. Here are the best for small business website SEO:

Search Engine Sourced Tools:

The following tools are available from the search engines themselves. since it's in their best interest to get the best sites to the top of their rankings, these tools should be used by those who want to rise in the rankings:

Keyword Research & Analysis Tools

Perhaps these tools should have been listed first. Keyword research and analysis is the most important thing you can do for SEO. These tools will help you with keyword research, keyword analysis, checking keyword frequency, and getting keyword suggestions:

Keyword Density Tools

When you are doing SEO, you not only need to analyze the keyword density of your pages but also the keyword density of your competitor's top ranked pages. Here's some tools for keyword density analysis:

Google Pagerank Tools

while I don't place a great deal of importance on Google PageRank, it should still be monitored. Here are some tools for checking, monitoring and predicting Google PageRank:

Backlink Checking Tools

These tools are for checking backlinks and anchor texts found in various search engines. Some include suggestions for building backlinks:

Link Popularity & Link Value Checking Tools

These tools measure the popularity and/or value of a link. Some of these tools can be embedded into websites to show visitors how popular your website is; something like an Internet testimonial:

Link Checking Tools

These tools let you extract links from other websites and check your website for broken links:

Web Statistics & Tracking

These tools are absolutely indispensible. The biggest advantage search engine optimization gives you is the ability to track your return on investment. These tools will let you know what people are doing once they get to your website; where they come from, which pages they leave from, what they do while they are in your website:

Crawling Test & Speed Check Tools

A lot of people don't realize it but website speed is essential to search engine optimization. For one thing, if your website is slow to open or function, visitors are likely to give up before the site even opens. That hurts your rankings and, obviously, hurts your business. For another thing, the more you make the search engines "work" to extract the information from your website by having difficult to scan website code, the more it will hurt your website rankings:

Meta Tag Generators, Optimizers & Extractors

These tools are all about your meta tags. Some will help you improve your meta tags, some will help you generate them, and some of them will help you grab your competitors' meta tags to examine them and beat them:

Domain Checking & Suggestion Tools

These tools will help you retrieve data about existing (read competitors) domains, such as age and ip address. There are also tools for finding expired domains, and domain name suggestion tools (your domain name should be coordinated with your most important keywords, not the name of your company):

Top Search Words & Search Buzz

These are the tools that help you keep on top of what's happening in the search engines and the blogs and social marketing sites and bookmarking sites in reference to your website. They include tools for finding nformation on top search words by search engines, market places, news and blog aggregators, and download portals:

Assorted Tools That Don't Fall in a Category

Don't think these are unimportant tools just because they fall in the "assorted" category. Especially the Google Banned checker. Many sites get banned by Google because someone who didn't know what they were doing used what Google thinks is an illegal search engine optimization method or "black hat trick". If your website isn't showing up at all on Google, this might be the first tool you should use:

Search Engine Optimization eCourse

If you'd love to be able to use these tools to put your website ahead of your competitors at the top of the search engines, follow the link to my Search Engine Optimization eCourse...

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