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Article marketing article submission starts with having the right article submission list of websites. This is no where near an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of article submission sites out there. Most of them are useless because they are so low in the search engine rankings that your link from the article will be worthless.

I recommend that you simply submit your articles to this list of the top article submission sites. While who is number one and who is number five or number seven will change, these sites will always be somewhere near the top of the search engines because of their age and the amount of content on their sites.

And don't submit to all of them every time. Pick 5-10 different article posting sites to submit to each time so Google is less inclined to see you as spamming.

However, I also recommend that you search the Internet for any article sites that specifically serve your niche. There are many sites that are only relevant to a certain market and if they serve your niche, you should innundate them with unique and helpful articles.

Important Warning!

Do not put any article on your web site that has been submitted to another web site or article posting site. Google will perceive this as duplicate content and they will ding you for it.

Here's the list of article submission websites:

Ezine Articles


Articles Base

Article Alley

Go Articles

Articles Factory

Article Dashboard


Article Rich


Article Snatch

Article Trader

1Article World

Easy Articles


Article Cube

Article Friendly

Article Sphere

ABC Article Directory

Article Blotter

eArticlesi Online

The Add Articles Directory

Article Cafe

Just Articles

Articles Hub

Article Submission

Free Ezine Articles Site

Article News

This is the end of the article submission list of article listing sites. However, there are many others on the web. These are all generic. Don't forget to search for article listing sites that may pertain directly to your market.

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